2021 Flow Spring Art Show

2021 Flow Spring Art Show

The day is finally here! The first annual 2021 Flow Spring Art Show is open! 


The 1st Annual Flow Spring Art Show brings together talented artists from around the world to celebrate the intrinsic joy found in the creative process. Over 265 artists and 775 original works of art have been created by members of an artists collective called Flow Membership with Dreama Tolle Perry. With the intention of bringing more beauty to the world, these artists have thoughtfully prepared a visual feast for your eyes and soul.  The show is open from March 20 to April 18, 2021.  

I am thrilled that three of my paintings are in the show. Below is a screenshot but it's so much better in the Flow Show webpage.  Click here to view my artist page in the show.

But don't stop at just my page, explore and enjoy the full virtual gallery.  So many of my artist friends are in the show and I am so excited to read up on their bios, view their latest profile pictures, and view their paintings.  It's amazing how our styles are so different (we each have our own voices) yet so similar (our paintings are so full of color and joy!).  Click here to view the full show and meet my fellow artists.


All the paintings I have submitted for the show are available for purchase.  Click an image below to purchase or view more details.
Thank you so much, Dreama Tolle Perry, for putting this show together!
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