Art Shows and Prints Shop

Art Shows and Prints Shop

Hello friends and family!

How has your month been so far? Can you believe we're almost at the end of October? This month has been busy. At my accounting job, the annual audit just got concluded with no exceptions and an unqualified opinion, which simply means, we passed with flying colors. And with that out of the way, I can set aside my accounting hat for a while, put my artist hat back on, and focus on painting and bringing you beautiful art.

Happy art news!

First, I am honored that two of my paintings, "Reflection" and "Sunflower Wedding Bouquet", are included in the Torrance Artists Guild's 31st annual Fine Art Show. It's virtual this year, hosted by Destination: Art Studios and Galleries. There are a lot of talented artists and beautiful art in the show so be sure to check it out online. Voting for the Art Lovers' Choice Award is open until October 27th. If you could vote for one (or both) of my paintings, I would truly appreciate it! Click on one of the images below to vote. Note that when you get to the site, it will ask you to select an artwork. Please patiently scroll until you find "Reflection, Esperanza Deese" or "Sunflower Wedding Bouquet, Esperanza Deese". Thank you very much for supporting my paintings!

Vote for "Reflection"

Vote for "Sunflower Wedding Bouquet"


Next, the Paintings of Hope Daily Art Show is still going strong and bringing joy to neighbors in Redondo Beach. As I am writing this, I've counted 176 days of putting one painting out on display with a scripture in our front yard. And due to popular demand, we held our second Outdoor Gallery Show last October 3rd when I brought out more paintings for people to enjoy. I am planning on doing the gallery show every first Saturday of the month. Lord willing, the next one will be on November 7th. If you're local, come by and visit.

Daily Art Show


Outdoor Gallery Show

Lastly, as a lot of you have been asking when I was going to offer prints, I'm glad to announce that my Prints Shop is now open! It's wonderful to see paintings that have gone on to their collectors' homes come back in beautiful, professionally created giclee prints. You can browse available prints at my Prints Shop or by clicking the images below. There are many more artwork on my website, plus I'm continually adding to the shop so keep visiting, or email me if you have a particular one you are interested in that's not listed yet.

"Hang in There" Print

"Redondo Beach Pier at Sunset" Print

"Little Turtle Pot" Print

Thank you for reading my updates. Until the next one, you can connect with me on Facebook or instagram or by sending me an email at

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