Celebrating Two Years

Celebrating Two Years

Yesterday marked the first day of our 48-hour anniversary. Two years ago, we got married at the courthouse on 2-22, and at our church on 2-23.

Our first year together was busy setting up house; second year was starting my art business. Throughout all that, we had Hope In Action food ministry, Parking Ministry, planning for a new house, and everything else that newly married couples get to do. Summarized in a few words, the last two years were Thankful, Grateful, Blessed and Busy!

As some of you know, Chris injured his arm in November. As we were preparing for his surgery in December, one of my close friends shared about our Pastor Zac’s preaching on Psalm 23, the verse "He makes you lie down in green pastures" in particular. We realized that our schedules were so full despite the pandemic, or maybe because of, that we haven’t taken a vacation. Chris’s injury has actually given both of us the opportunity to rest. Recovery, though slow and painful, is looking good.

During our wedding two years ago, Pastor Zac read Psalm 23 to us to pronounce a blessing for our marriage. So today, before Chris and I began our second day of celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary, I searched the sermon archives at Hope Chapel's website and found it from Feb 8, 2009. Take a listen. (Note that it’s only audio, so don’t fret if it’s blank when you click the link) Click here to listen to the Psalm 23 sermon



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