Sharing Hope with Our Neighbors

Sharing Hope with Our Neighbors

Hello friends and family! If you haven't been following my art journey on social media, you probably don't know that I started a daily art show on our front yard back in April when they first closed the beaches due to the pandemic. I wanted to share joy and hope to people who pass by our home by displaying one painting a day.

But I have to confess that in August, after I realized that we've hit 100 days of the daily art show, I started to think about ending it, and I shared that thought with my husband, Chris. He later came back to me with the idea that since there is no Fiesta Hermosa this year, we can bless the neighbors with our own Fiesta Redondo by hosting an outdoor art gallery in our front yard during Labor Day weekend.

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We opened up on Saturday. Chris got us a couple of popup canopies and set up grid display panels where I could hang my paintings.

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Since then, we had a chance to chat with so many people from the neighborhood. Some of them we know, some of them we met for the first time. They all shared that ever since they came upon the daily art show, they've made our street part of their walk, or bike route, and looked forward to seeing what painting is out for the day.

It always amazes me how when you set out to bless other people, you end up being more blessed by them.

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Today is the third and last day of the Paintings of Hope outdoor art gallery show. If you're local and would like to come visit, we are located in South Redondo Beach. Friends and family from afar, thank you for cheering us on and I am glad that you can enjoy the show from across the miles. With that, I'll leave you to enjoy a fun little time lapse video of us setting up the outdoor gallery show.

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