Framing for Original Paintings

You have the option to purchase original paintings from my online store either Unframed or Framed.  Purchasing Unframed provides you the flexibility to select your own frame from your favorite frame store or framer.  

Oil and Acrylic paintings are framed without glass to allow the painting to "breathe", as any moisture trapped behind a sheet of glass might settle in the canvas and cause rotting to the material and the paint.  

There are so many choices of frame styles out there, and the one you choose is really a matter of personal preference, but be mindful that the frame color you choose should compliment the colors within the painting.  You’ll also want to make sure that the frame color doesn't clash with the colors in the room where you plan to hang it.

I generally choose a white frame for my paintings because white is neutral enough to go with most of my collectors' home color themes, while still working well with the colors within my painting.  I have occasionally used black, maple and brown frames with my paintings - all depending on the look or mood I was going for.  

Two Types of Frames

I use two types of frames for my original paintings: a Plein Aire Frame or a Panel Floater Frame.  These frames come in other colors and I'll share the link below should you wish to explore other options. 

The plein aire frame is wider than the panel floater frame as you can see from the picture below.  As such, it is also heavier and will cost more to ship.  At the moment, my preference is the plein aire frame since the painting doesn't have to be glued in and allows for more flexibility to change frames.  Please read below to learn more about these frames.  


Plein Aire Frame

The Plein Aire Frame has a 3" wide moulding enhanced by a raised and rounded top edge and offset inner groove. The painting sits under the frame and is secured to the frame with flexible inserts using a Point Driver.   Since the painting sits under the frame, 1/4" on each side of the painting is hidden but this does not matter because the hidden part is mostly background and not the main subject of the painting.  The Plein Aire Frame will add 5" to the length and width of the finished art piece.  For example, an unframed 6" x 6" painting will be 11" x 11" after framing.



Panel Floater Frame

The Panel Floater Frame has approximately a 7/8" inch wide simple moulding. The painting sits on top of the frame and is secured by gluing it to the frame with E6000 adhesive and weighing it down for about 24 hours.  Since the painting sits on top of the frame, no part of it is hidden.  The Panel Floater Frame will add 2 1/8" to the length and width of the finished art piece.  For example, an unframed 6" x 6" painting will be 8 1/8" x 8 1/8" after framing.



Please note that I do not make these frames.  I purchase them from outside suppliers and provide them as a convenience to my Art Collectors.  As such, these frames are sold only in tandem with an original painting purchase.  I get the plein aire frames from Jerrysartarama and the floater frames from Webpictureframes or CanvasPlace.  I am not affiliated with any of these stores and I'm just providing the links for your convenience.  For the plein aire frame, you will need a point driver and points to secure the painting, while for the panel floater frame, you will need glue.