Framing for Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Prints on Paper should be framed under glass for protection.  Depending on your space and the aesthetic you’re going for, the artwork can be framed with or without a mat. 

I don't sell framed prints online due to the risk of the glass breaking during shipping.  Framed prints are only available at in-person sales at this time. That being said, I offer fine art prints mostly in traditional print sizes so they will fit into ready-made frames that are widely available in stores. You should be able to find pretty frames easily at stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, HomeGoods, Target or Walmart.  For special sizes, have a professional framer frame the print for you.

Here are some of the frames I used during in-person sales events.  These 8x8 frames were from Hobby Lobby.  They also have them in 12x12 sizes:


These ones were from HomeGoods (brown 11x14 frame matted to 8x10) and Target (white 12x12 frame matted to 8x8):


Please note that I am not affiliated with these stores and am just sharing the links for your convenience: Hobby LobbyTarget